Chris Moss has appeared in several productions from theater to international studio films

Chris Moss began his knack for producing in his early 20’s in Colorado

Chris Moss began teaching theater and acting techniques to youth when he first graduated high school

Chris Moss is an American film maker and actor with over a hundred production credits to his name. Primarily known as a performer in film and television, Chris has been featured in dozens of productions, including Warner Bros’ Beerfest, Criminal Minds, Magnum PI, NCIS, Final Approach, Reno 911, Hawaii 5-0, and First Kill with Bruce Willis to name a few.

Chris has also developed his skills behind the camera, writing, directing, and raising significant funds to produce full length feature films and pilots. Within the next two years, Chris will have three full length films released as the lead actor, and is attached to four more in development or currently shooting. He also has joined a team in South Africa on a separate three film slate, writing, producing, and directing with a passionate team of up and coming film makers. Chris is killin’ it.

Chris was raised in the state of Colorado to amazing and loving parents, where he blossomed through sports, stand-up comedy, and live theater. In his earlier youth, he enjoyed the benefits of growing deep bonds with both a brother and a sister, and experienced being a leader through captaining sports teams, winning team and individual championships, taking on leadership roles in student government, and starring in local and school theater. 

He elected to tour as a professional comedian soon after his education and was featured in dozens of cities and clubs. Chris also began performing professionally with two improv groups, making a living primarily from comedy and theater. Still in his early 20’s, he then began directing and producing local theater productions before his dreams of being an international film maker and big screen actor led him to Los Angeles. 

Starting off in Hollywood from ground zero offered Chris the chance to work through every facet of filmmaking. He has worked as a cinematographer, director, writer, producer, and editor. Chris certainly wasn’t above digging ditches and building decks at first, but he found his way to making a full time living in the entertainment industry. He has established himself as a lead actor and significant artist in several independent film circles, and continues to grow in both skill and notoriety every day.

In the last couple of years, Chris has sold three full length screenplays, directed four other films, starred in three, and produced a dozen projects from commercials and short films, to a full length feature. He also has been the official national spokesperson for several significant American corporations including TiVo, Spectrum, Dial Soap, National Heart Association, Fisher Investments, and many more. 

His focus at present is to create imaginative and bold original content for a diverse and global audience. Chris is a master of his craft and loves both acting and filmmaking with a passion.

“How the F are you not famous?”
~ Often is asked of Chris.

Well. I’m bouts to be, I suppose… but it’s more about doing good work. 😉

I am Chris Moss.