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CHRIS MOSS  Trained in multiple facets of performance, Chris has played roles from the stage to the screen including dozens of appearances on television shows, cable and theatrical releases, commercials, and even tours as a Comic when he’s not on the lovely 405 driving 3 mph.

Before landing significant roles with Warner Bros, CBS, and Showtime (cue 1812 Overture, Op. 49 …or simple explosion sound), Chris grew up in Colorado where he excelled at sports and theater. Knowing he’d have to move out of his parents house eventually, Chris headed to LA with a handful of Off-Broadway roles under his belt, as well as a healthy reputation as an upcoming Comedian/Improv performer. Star. Star Performer.

Upon arrival in LA, Chris realized his big fish little pond status suddenly became little sperm big ocean, and began honing his craft. His training began. Juilliard, Carnegie Mellon, London Academy of Dramatic Arts, Yale School of Drama, and even the National Institute of Dramatic Art were all on Chris’ TO DO list (cue audience laughter sign) – he still has a few to check off. He did however manage to train at So Cal’s Second City, The Groundlings, Larry Moss Studios, Cathy Leslie (Actors Studio), Expressions Unlimited, IO West…. as well as limited sessions with the Stella Adler technique, Stanislavski’s System, Meisner, and Lee Strasberg’s Method.

Chris has truly enjoyed his adventure thus far, starring in several award winning indie movies, spending time writing commercials in Hawaii, directing and producing projects, developing New Media content, and touring the states performing comedy. In the last two years, Chris has dedicated his time to Los Angeles, booking roles on Criminal Minds, NCIS: LA, Hawaii Five-0, and dozens of other cable shows and commercials. In fact, it’s not often 2 or 3 commercial spots aren’t running with Chris’ super handsome and humble disposition pitching a product or service. Chris also was selected out of over 2000 Improv professionals to join a cast for a Showtime Comedy Special with Tommy Davidson. Funny stuff.

When Chris isn’t writing, training, showcasing, and submerged in his craft, he loves to travel, visit his incredible and loving parents, hang with his lil’ sister and big brother, escape into the wilderness, remain active in sports and MMA, and take Princess Pumpkernickle (Aussie Kelpy Dog) to the Dog Park. (cue fireworks).. (cue a few more fireworks). Perfect. Also social events, dancing, and parties… wether be charity or dub step. So feel free to invite Chris out. Seriously, Chris get’s bored… please invite him out.

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