Chris Moss began teaching theater and acting techniques to youth when he first graduated high school

He volunteered for underprivileged and at risk youth as well, offering theater and performance art as a means to express one’s feeling and emotions in a safe and secure place.

Several years later, Chris found himself making a living as an actor in Los Angeles, a rare and difficult task. He starred and appeared in dozens of prime time television shows, movies, and cable presentations, and snagged over fifty commercials to place under his belt.

He gave advice whenever he could, both in navigating the industry and in reaching a master level of craft and work.

Chris was requested to teach full time classes at a few institutes, but turned down the offers in favor of an actors flexible schedule. When Chris booked Hawaii 5-0 a few years back, he was offered to host a two day intensive acting workshop for local talent. This time Chris accepted, and fell back into love with teaching and coaching. Since then, Chris holds acting intensives in areas that have a lack of access to top institutes, or per request by agents and managers. He also coaches both students and professionals on-line for auditions, scene study, character development, and a hybrid of techniques he studied over 20 years, including Stanslosky, Meisner, Adler, method, etc…

Chris teaches that acting is a gift… a gift to the audience, your scene partner, a casting director, or a film maker. So let go of any personal wants. You are an art form and art is meant to be enjoyed by others. It sure is fulfilling to be the artist of course, so have fun ;).